Sur Ron -Controller Upgrade Kit-

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Availability: BAC2000 - In stock

                  BAC4000 - In stock 

                  BAC8000 - In stock


Lead Time: Up to 2 weeks





Interested in more power and speed for your Sur Ron? You've come to the right place.image-149.jpg






E.R.T. has teamed up with LiteSpeedBikes and Accelerated Systems to offer  plug and play, ready to run power upgrades for the Sur Ron and soon Segway Electric Dirt Bike.







1) The first step to increasing power for your Sur Ron is to replace the stock controller with a ERT tuned BAC controller. Which is easy to install, and 100% plug and play. 




Everything will be provided for a clean, 100% plug and play installation. Including controller mounting brackets and a plug and play wiring harness that plugs in directly to the Sur Ron's factory wiring system.


2. More Power


Although upgrading the controller will provide a massive increase in acceleration and over all performance. The Sur Ron's stock battery is the next limitation of performance....




LiteSpeed 72V Drop in Battery for the Sur Ron




Stock Battery got you down? Want to hit high speeds of over 70mph+ / 120kmh+? Or just want more power?


ERT tuned BAC Sur Ron Controller Kit + LiteSpeed 72V Battery is the solution




This potent combination brings power from 7000W (stock battery with discharge mod) to over 13500W..and over 70mph!




To bring all this together, ERT has developed an all new NXT generation touch screen color display.


Meet the NXT.








NXT is an all new sleek and sexy color touch screen display. Developed specifically for the Sur Ron and the controller upgrade kits offered by E.R.T. in combination with LiteSpeed's 72V battery system, which is fully integrated thanks to NXT.




Want to swap back and forth between the stock 60V battery and 72V LiteSpeed Battery? 


Thinking about staying with the 60V Battery and upgrading to 72V LiteSpeed Battery later?


Want to fine tune the bike to your exact preference?


You can with NXT, and more as NXT has built in Intelligence. 



More graphs and other info:



ASI BAC2000 - 225A Peak Motor Current - Suitable if using factory 60V battery and can use 72V+ Battery upgrade but wont be achieve full performance of the motor 
ASI BAC4000 - 463A Peak Motor Current - Suitable for factory 60V Battery and 72V+ Battery upgrade






  • Plug and Play and Easy to Install 

  • Plugs into the OEM harness and connectors, everything bolts on for a true play and plug install.

  • Keeps Original Throttle

  • Controller mounting bracket, bolts onto frame without modifications

  • Retains factory functions (Key Switch, lighting, USB charger, etc)


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