Sur Ron 20S 72V 30AH Drop in Battery Upgrade

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Drop in battery upgrade for Sur Ron

Genuine Samsung 30Q 3000mah 18650 Cells 15A Rated Discharge

72V 30AH 2460WH

150A continous discharge


Compared to the Stock Sur Ron 60V 32AH Battery which is 85A discharge and 2112WH

You will have much more power in both acceleration and top end speed. 10800W vs 5100W (ERT battery upgrade vs stock Sur Ron Battery)

This is compatible with ERT ASI BAC4000 Sur Ron plug and play controller upgrade and is highly recommended pairing them up.

Bluetooth BMS allows you to monitor individual cells and balancing

Battery packs are warrantied up to a one year and built by a professional battery builder in the USA.

Please Contact LiteSpeedbikes if you are interested in the drop battery upgrade.