Store / Return Policy

Store Policy

If you have an issue or concern, please contact ERT first at or call at (626)-872-5540. We are here to support and help you resolve any issues. Do not attempt to fail a claim or chargeback, even if we do not respond, please keep trying. We are extremely busy with development and order fulfillment. Once you file a dispute or chargeback, you will be permanently blocked / blacklisted from purchasing from us as well as all our distributors in the future. So think very carefully before you decide to do it. We have better things to do than to scam your money. 

    Return Policy 


There is generally no return on items and merchandise purchased from ERT except under special circumstances. Please contact ElectricRT for support and if requesting a refund or exchange. Again, returns and refunds must be authorized first by ERT and will be subject to a 25% restocking and processing fee. Thank you for your consideration.