Lithium Polyer (LI-PO) Plug and Play Harness and BMS

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                                            Lithium Polymer (Li-PO) Plug and Play Harness with optional Bluetooth BMS

Wiring up LIPO batteries for E-Skateboard /E-bike / E-moto / EV use no longer has to be difficult, with Plug and Play harnesses developed by E.R.T.


  • Plug and play with popular LiPO batteries like the popular Mulitstar and Turnigy 4S / 6S 10000mah - 20000mah from Hobbyking
  • LiPO packs can be added and removed at any time, including the BMS. This allows the entire battery system to be modular and can be reconfigured at any time for different purposes. 
  • LiPO harness allows up to 5 in Series for example; 5 x 4S LIPO batteries can be plug in for 20S or 74V nominal.
  • If you want to use less than 5 in Series, you can! With the use of U-Looms, you can simply plug in whichever XT-90 that is not being used in series. Example; for 12S you would use 3 x 4S batteries, and plug up the remaining 2 x XT90 connectors with U-Loop connectors.
  • No Solder or Crimping is required, everything is provided you except the batteries.
  • Easy to add a BMS for balancing, which is highly recommended to prevent your batteries from overcharging / discharging and keeps your packs balanced at all times.
  • Bluetooth BMS allows easy monitoring of your battery packs and is easy to configure. 
  • *Advanced users only* LiPO packs must be carefully matched in terms of cell voltage and balanced prior to connecting them in series with the harness. You can also mix and match LiPO packs even if they have a different cell count but must have the same capacity example: 4S 10000mah + 6S 10000mah