Bafang BBSHD -Upgrade- Kit

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10/12/2020 Update

BAC855 and NXT Displays are in stock.  



4/26/2020 Update

NXT BAC800 BBSHD is now running and fully operational with fully independent throttle / assist. Will be available end of April, early May.

Finally a true plug and play controller system that will transform your Bafang BBSHD Mid Drive. This flagship controller is the result, of 3 years of continual on-going development from

E.R.T. and ElectronCycles our partner in the UK.

The end result is a highly refined BBSHD that feels like a race motor. The difference will be night and day.

         Feature Set

  • FOC (Field Oriented Control)
  • improved torque throughout the rev range
  • Higher RPM compared to the stock controller on 52V and especially on 72V (Up to 7500RPM)
  • Silky smooth throttle control and responsiveness, like a fine adjustable knob on a light switch.
  • Improved efficiency due to FOC algorithm, premium internal components within the controller (like the mosfets) which increases efficiency while reducing heat losses
  • Automatic sensored to sensorless transition which gives you addition 5% top speed and better performance
  • Can use Bafang display (Assist Modes are incompatible at the moment, other readouts would work, but you will only have one assist level which max power / speed)
  • Supported displays are TFT 72V 750C (has a custom firmware that allows full compatibility with the BAC800 including assist modes, PAS, light, etc) and the Eggrider Display  
  • Includes 3D Printed Cover
  • Usable voltage is 36V-84V
  • Programmed for 3250W, # of Assist levels (Power / Speed Map) are set within the display and will scale accordingly. Example Assist 1-3, Assist 1 = 33% Power / Speed. Assist 2 = 66% Power / Speed. Assist 3 = 100% Power and Speed.

     Display Options

  • Use existing Bafang (Variable Assist Modes not functional, will be on Max Assist)
  • 750C TFT Display (52V BLE or 72V)
  • EggRider V2 (Requires 60V+ Adapter if using a battery higher than 60V)
  • Note that using a 72V battery, a 60V+ will be supplied for Bafang Display or EggRider V2. This will allow the display to function above 60V without risking damage.



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