ASI BAC 800 FOC 52V-72V 96A Controller 3500W Lightning Rods Big Block

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ASI BAC FOC Controller for Lightning Rods Mid Drive Motor 


E.R.T. in collaboration with Lightning Rods has finally succeeded in developing the ultimate Mid Drive system.

Optimised Motor Controls

Sinewave / Field Oriented Control allows very smooth and precise throttle control and modulation

Sensored Start and automatic sensorless transition allows the motor to run at peak efficiency and performance

Field Weakening boosts the Lighting Rod big block motor from the base rpm of 3500RPM to 7000RPM

Modern Field Oriented Control allows the motor to delivery the highest torque per amp, yielding optimum torque and power with the greatest efficiency.


Modern System

Color TFT Display with vibrant colors and quick power mapping selection

Fully integrating wiring system aesthetically clean yet fully functional.

Plug and Play, and ready to run out of the box. 




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